Everyday Wisdom #43

Saying the word “OM” allows you to tune in with the essence of the universe and all living beings.

Today, try this exercise:


Sit quietly, with your spine straight.

Breathe out completely, then take a deep breath inwards.  

As you breathe back out, open your mouth and let the sound “aaaahhh” emerge from deep in your abdomen;  then round your lips and hear the sound become “ooooo”.  Finally seal your lips to let a “mmmm” vibrate around your body as the out breath ends.

Take a normal breath in, and then out.


Continue with the exercise 5 times.

Then sit in silence and enjoy the reverberations in your body.


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11 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #43

  1. this is part of yoga? i have never done this but could probably benefit from it

  2. Thank you! will try that !

  3. Somehow, I have forgotten to do this in my meditations for many months. I will try this tomorrow. Thanks so much!!!! xoxoxo

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