Everyday Wisdom #42


This morning, as you sit quietly, be aware of  your breath moving in and out.

Start to notice the sound of your in-breath, and observe how it seems to sound like “so”.  

And “hum” on the out-breath.

Focus on these sounds for a few minutes.

In Sanskrit, so can be translated as “I am” and hum as “that”.

To say “so-hum” is to connect yourself with everything around you.  



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8 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #42

  1. i never knew this. thank you for sharing

  2. I was juuuust teaching this to a group last week! I AM. Thank you for this simple, concrete explanation for folks of a beautiful practice that can easily connect us to our deepest selves and each other.

    • Thank you so much lovely! :-). I only recently read about this, and it really resonated with me. It’s so true – that’s what the breath does sound like. And it’s a great focal point.

      • i know – isn’t that amazing — how those are the sounds the breath makes?! Learning about the breath is a journey — one of my teachers was telling me about a teacher who has been studying the breath for 50 years! I have a lot to learn! Just the other day my teacher was showing me a different “breath” – one that yes is still diaphragmatic but was “lighter” when focusing on a certain part of the nostrils.

  3. I didn’t know that!!! Thank you ❤

  4. I like that he’s meditating on his skateboard. 🙂

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