Good morning sunshine

drinking tea slowly
watching the sun rise, orange
dawn of a new day


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9 responses to “Good morning sunshine

  1. Good morning Australia!! It’s past 11pm here and I’m just wrapping up and settling down to bed. I’m usually not at the computer so late but I’ve been away the last few days – so just catching up a bit. Wishing you an already glorious start to a peaceful, grateful day my dear Meg. Thinking of you often with much fondness, Sharon (goodnite from this side of the world) 😀

  2. i love that part of the day. God provides such beauty

  3. Oh….what a nice title…reading it brought a smile to my face and a light to my own heart…that’s the way I used to wake my daughter when she was a little girl….saying “good morning sunshine”…she was the sunshine…. : ) ..And such a lovely thing…the dawn of a new day…I wish you a lovely Saturday….well Saturday there, still Friday afternoon here…. : )

    • That’s exactly how I wake my little boy up!! :-). It’s funny, I am always so excited and happy to see him. I usually jump on him and kiss his little face and say it at the same time lol. I hope you have sweet dreams ♥

  4. What a beautiful shot! 🙂

  5. Son

    Beautiful! May you have a peaceful Sunday 🙂

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