Zen Warrior

When I am Alone

No eyes

upon me

I feel your presence

like a warm embrace

No judgment or expectations

this moment

holds no time

bridging yesterday with tomorrow

No clothes

upon my back

I am naked to the world

for all to see nothing and everything

No fear

within me

I am what I am

when I am alone

Thomas D. Craig 

Have you noticed that in general human beings are afraid to be alone?

We mask our lives in chaos and busyness, in noise and minutiae.  We hide from silence.  We run from stillness.  It is within this silence that our true being exists and is bursting to get out.  It is here alone that we find our truth, there is no other place to look.

This terrifies most of us.  We are afraid to dine alone, or look within.  We hide in crowds, action items and things. We are…

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