Everyday Wisdom #38

“Awakening” involves the capacity to train the mind to move our brains, and our relationships, toward the open plain of possibility.  Rather than being swept up into engrained patterns of thought or feeling, constrained by prior expectation and filtered perception, we can intentionally move our mental lives towards openness and creativity.
Daniel J  Siegel


I’m reading an interesting book at the moment “Bringing Home the Dharma” by Jack Kornfield.

Gil Fronsdal, and Jack Kornfield, are amongst my most favourite dharma teachers.

They have so much wisdom to share, and just radiate kindness and compassion.

In this book, Jack reminds as – as Pema Chodron and Thich Nhat Hanh have done so often – that we can start where we are.

We can introduce mindfulness and awareness into every aspects of our lives.

That “Buddhism” is not something that we dedicate time to once a week.  Or even once a day.

Awareness is possible in every moment of everyday.

We can bring our practice into every aspects of our lives.

As Jack says, and in the words of the Buddha…

Awakening and freedom are found:

When sitting, standing, walking and lying down;
through right speech, right action, right livelihood;
inwards and outwardly;
with the whole body, feelings, mind and relationships;
in solitude and community;
in prison, hut, farm, or palace;
in times of war or peace;
in sickness and in health.


Through awareness and practice we allow our hearts to become wise, and our lives to become an expression of freedom.





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