Love is…



Each day I walk my son to school, and we love all the different people and animals we get to talk to along the way.

We often used to talk to this dog through the fence, but today we discovered he had pushed over one of the fence palings, and could see the outside world :-).

I couldn’t fit my hand in to pat him (and was also a little cautious), but he stuck his paw through, and insisted I hold it.

I sat there for ages this morning just holding his paw.

It was so beautiful ♥


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19 responses to “Love is…

  1. Sue

    Awww :o) What great photos of a special moment.

  2. Hi! Sis, thanks for sharing! So touching! With metta!

  3. Just too cute! Dogs are so affectionate and trusting.Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a wonderful way to start my day! May all beings live with ease. I love our furry friends who bring us such happiness and wisdom. Thank you!

    • Thank you Anne! :-). I am still moved so much by the experience. I feel so thankful to this pup. And I wish I knew his name! :-). I went past again this morning, and he wasn’t there, and I was quite sad! I hope to see him later today 🙂

  5. brendamarroy

    How heartwarming to be able to make bodily contact with another living being. Beautiful.

    • Thank you so much Brenda. It really did change me – the small moment of heartfelt interaction with him. Just looking into his eyes and holding his paw. He became so peaceful and settled. And it was a great experience for me of metta – sending him loving kindness.

  6. What a sweetheart – who just wants some love and attention!

    • He is just so beautiful – and it was amazing the connection I felt with him just sitting there holding his paw. It’s not something I would have usually thought of to do with a dog, but he loved it. Just some human contact and knowing someone was there. It melted my heart ♥

  7. So precious! I love doggies 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Love is beautiful, and this post relates the most beautiful experience of love

  9. Such a true meaningful selfless emotion…….What more could define love???God teaches us love through His love for His creations, next other living things like animals.Our love – fake, we love selfishly, temporarily, for personal gains, for returns, conceitedly.Either we don’t want love or we want it forever, our love desires possession.
    Animals especially dogs never understand even if you fear them,they still love you and always wanna come close to you, even if it is only for a moment.They truly long for love…..
    Do write again about him if you have another acquaintance, i love their faithful, devoted love………
    He’s huggable, what if next time he wants a hug???? 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! :-). Actually I have seen him every day since. He waits for us at the fence each morning and afternoon. It absolutely makes my day :-). I think he would LOVE a hug. Unfortunately there’s a very tall fence, and only a fence paling gap to see him/pat him through. Although he still managed to make me very muddy yesterday. I think he is digging his way out under the fence lol 😀

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