We are blessed

Today I am feeling incredibly grateful for all our neighbourhood doggy friends.

My son and I lost a lot last year.  But perhaps the most painful of all was the loss of our pet cat Dougal.  We were not able to bring him with us when we moved.  He went to a very loving home, but we still both grieve for him deeply.

I feel so fortunate though that we have made so many new friends – both human and canine.

These people and animals mean the world to us.

Amongst our wonderful doggy friends are Cassie, and Molly and Chester.

Cassie is the most beautiful old lady.  At 16 years old (112 in human years), she has lived a very happy and long life.  And she has the most beautiful and gentle spirit.  

I have had the honour of looking after her twice in recent weeks, and it’s been an absolute pleasure.

All she asks for (the same as any dog), is to be loved and hugged.








And as for Molly and Chester… these are 2 of the most loved and looked after dogs I have ever known in my life.

From having every single meal home cooked for them.  To having their own clothes hand made.  Their own pyjama’s (which also get ironed).  And pearls for Molly, and a bow-tie for Chester.

My son adores these dogs more than I can put into words.  

With his Aspergers Syndrome, he struggles to make connections.  But it’s incredibly beautiful to see how he has opened up with these dogs.  







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5 responses to “We are blessed

  1. We frequently get to have my wife’s dog, Millie to stay. Here’s a poem about her you might like to read.


  2. What would a community be without our canine and feline friends and neighbors? I can’t even imagine life without them. What a wonderful post. And, your son is onto something–animals often make their pure souls available to us in the most healing and wondrous ways…hug to all your lovely friends. Cassie’s face is soooo sweet!! And, the photos of your son and pup just melted my heart.

    • Thank you so much Angela :-). Oh my goodness, literally as I am typing this my little boy was sitting as his table drawing. And he just bought me a picture of another one of our doggy friends (Bandit). And he said “he is singing from his heart”. And he’s drawn Bandit’s heart, which song notes coming from it. Wow! 🙂

  3. MindMindful

    The loss of an animal companion is sad, indeed. Glad that you have some doggie friends around you though!

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