Everyday Wisdom #35

A  game of memory

Do this fun exercise to help build your memory, perception and mindfulness skills.

Have someone gather together an assortment of unconnected everyday objects.

Have them look for objects with different smells, colours, textures and associations.  Eg a photograph, a leaf or flower, a scented candle or soap, a piece of fruit, a tea bag etc.

Have the person place all the items on a tray, and then put it in front of you.

Now pick up each item – one at a time – and examine it carefully.

Notice as much detail as you can.  Run your fingers over them, look at them closely to see their colours, feel their textures.

Now put the tray away.

List as many of the objects as you can on a piece of paper.  

When you start to struggle, close your eyes and try to recall the different sensory experiences.



She glances at the photo, and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes. 
~Frank Deford



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4 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #35

  1. Interesting exercise!! My partner and I play a similar game; she assembles all sorts of items and puts them in a paper bag, and then puts a blinder around my eyes. By feeling with my hands, I then try to determine what each object is. It’s a fun way of developing more finely tuned sensory perception. We’ll have to try your game, too. We love games in this house!

    • Oh I love that idea!!! What a wonderful way to develop perception! I was just thinking I will have to try to find someone I can play with, then I realised – my son! :-). I’m sure he would love to do that. And it would be so good for him too.

  2. What a great idea – the kids would love joining in with that too 🙂

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