Home is where the heart is

And our home is definitely where our heart is for my son and I.

Today we had a routine inspection, and the previous day of (extra) cleaning have been a great reminder for me.

Of how much I truly adore this house.  And neighbourhood.

And as I lovingly wiped down each bench etc, I poured my love into this house.

My son is also very grateful to live here, and did this drawing to be given to the owner.


“If I do her a drawing to say thank you, maybe she will let us stay here forever”


Of course nothing is forever.  And we will be happy wherever we go.  Because we have each other.  And the faith that everyone will be okay.  And we will create our own happiness.


I do love this house.  And will love it every moment that we are lucky enough to live here.

Here are some photos of my favourite parts of the house:


My very favourite room – so sunny and bright


My favourite spot to sit ♥


My son’s table


The antique chairs in the courtyard


The birdbath (with my heirloom orchard)


The cat which keeps me company in my kitchen 


This house has been such a healing place for my son and I.

We left behind the pieces of our family at the old house.  Our memories, and our life as the 3 of us.

And here we have started over.

Made new friends.

And found ourselves.

And the happiness that comes from being with each other ♥


Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa

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18 responses to “Home is where the heart is

  1. Your title is perfect, and your son’s drawing is very sweet. I hope this is home for you both for a good long time.

  2. Aw, wow, this is so touching. Your space is lovely. What a treasure that you shared this. ♥

  3. Such a lovely drawing and such a lovely house.

  4. What a wonderful healing sanctuary you and your son have created for each other. Peace emanates from it even in the lovely pictures. It is clear that you have willed into creation a beautiful new life from the shambles. In your sanctuary, phoenixes arise from ashes. xoxoxo

    • Oh that is so beautiful – thank you lovely friend. We’ve just been so blessed to have found this cottage. Well actually I think we were meant to find it. That we needed this place to heal and move forward. Much love to you xxxx

  5. Oh my goodness! So lovely! These pictures give me a sense of your space. So light-filled and delightful. That encourages me to take some pics of our space and share.

  6. Ooops, and meant to comment — I hear you about moving. I have found that I surprise myself with how Brian and I can create delightful space wherever we land.We have been in one-bedroom apartments (veeery “cozy” and small!) and we are in our small house now. It amazes me that just when I think “Oh we’ll never recreate that kind of feeling”….we do. It shows me how WHO we are — what’s in our hearts — infuses our physical space.

  7. Thank you for sharing this precious post. Your home is such a sanctuary of peace, light and calm. Every piece of furniture, every little nook is cared for with such love. I know that those who enter will find everything good within these walls. My love to you and your dear son and may you have the happiest days together in this home and neighbourhood. Hugs.

  8. brendamarroy

    I love your bright and beautiful room where the sun comes streaming in.
    I’ve been where you are, where I just love the place I live. In fact, come to think of it, I’ve loved every place I’ve lived since I’ve been on my healing journey. Perhaps it’s because we’re open to all of life that great acceptance for where we are is just natural. 🙂

  9. I can understand that feeling of your son, i have changed my apartment once.It had special memories of my kids, they were raised up in that house.I could visualize them crawling, giggling, taking their first steps, saying their first words there when i was about to leave it.It was adorned with my own hands, each and everything was lovingly chosen by us,placed at every corner with intricacy and great care.But in the end, people make homes, homes don’t make people.We are happy wherever we are.But the associations take time to set us free.
    The love within us spreads around us too and encompasses us.It does take time to create the same associations at a new place.But in the end, its radiance illuminates any house we live in and make it a home.
    Lovely airy sunny place you’ve got!

    • I just adore the way you write!! :-). And that is so true – our house soon reflects our personalities, and the energies within the house. That was something I really noticed in my old house – many of our visitors mentioned to me that the house had a very “bad vibe”. Even though it was nothing that could be immediately identified. Especially visually. It was a nice house, and I kept it very clean. But it just had very bad energy from the struggles that were contained within the house. Whereas the opposite is true of this house 🙂 ♥

      And thank you so much for the lovely comment on my sons drawing :-). I loved it – especially as it doesn’t really resemble our cottage at all lol. But I love that that’s the way he sees it in his mind ♥

  10. And oh…..special encouragements to your son, NICE DRAWING KID!It’s quite similar to what my son draws.Every drawing has the whole of his family holding hands,with a house at the back, smoke coming out of the chimney and a smiley sun moon and stars 🙂

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