Where are you?

If you are still talking about what you did yesterday, you haven’t done much today. 
~Author Unknown


Are you living here and now?  

Or there and then?

And there and then can seem very important.  To examine the events of the past.

One of the challenges though that arises from existing in “there and then” is that you become out of sync with your body.  Yoru body is always “here and now”.

The ultimate goal is to have the body and mind working together in harmony, to be anchored in the present momet.

This is the goal of mindfulness practice.

By being in the present moment, we can tap into our feelings, emotions, our intentions.  We are truly here.

And the word itself “here” is very powerful.  

It can be used as a label.

It is a reminder to be here, here with this experience, here with what is happening now.

And we can ask ourselves:

What is here?

And by concentrating on this question, we arrive back in the present.

How is it for you to be here?

What are you aware of?

By being anchored in the present moment (here), being open and willing to experience what is happening, it is a profoundly respectful thing to do – for ourselves and for others.  

It’s an expression of respect, of valuing yourself.


Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today. 
~Cherokee Indian Proverb



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7 responses to “Where are you?

  1. Hi,

    good post!

    I adressed this topic in my post ” time doesn’t exist”.

    I would be looking forward to receiving you opinion about the view in that post.



    • Hi Francios – wow, that was an extremely insightful post! I am going to read it again and let it really sink in. I love that you have made me question something I have always taken for granted. That time is something that cannot be questioned. That is an “absolute”. But you are absolutely correct – time is not made of time. As children we are taught the units of time – minutes, hours etc. And we don’t tend to question it, even as adults.

      Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful insight.


  2. You cut to the very heart of the purpose of Mindfulness Practice with grace, eloquence, and wisdom!!

  3. I live in the present moment. I ignore my past, and don’t care about the future. There is enough going on in the Now!

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