The beauty of mindfulness

Thank you to Gems of Delight for sharing this breathtaking video.

To me this video truly captures the sheer beauty and exquisiteness of mindfulness.

More than words ever could.

There is absolutely no doubting that the nurse is giving 100% of her mindfulness, attention, love and tenderness to this baby.  And the act of giving the baby it’s first bath.

And even though it’s a newborn, it’s equally obvious that the baby is aware of this complete mindfulness.  And that it is loved and safe.

Imagine if we all gave such mindfulness to every one of our interactions.  Regardless of the person.

If we allowed ourselves to be that open and present.

If we treated each person as respectfully and tenderly as the nurse treated this baby.

It would change the world.


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20 responses to “The beauty of mindfulness

  1. I saw this today, and it’s just amazing. How beautifully she gentles the baby, and how naturally he seems to rest… I could actually feel the sensation of the warm water… loved it. So healing. More of that please!

  2. what a precious baby…………

  3. YES! What a sensual experience of “home.” Thank you for reposting. I don’t have video capabilities in my blog yet! And your words, as usual, so succinct and true. Lovely. Yes, such mindful attention to each person. This is informing my moment to moment awareness…and choices.

  4. beautiful…so gentle and loving….

  5. Such peace and power and transcendental grace. The mindfulness of nurse and child are palpable, and the tangible love present is a beautiful thing. Heart opening!

  6. Reblogged this on Cauldrons and Cupcakes and commented:
    Such a simple act of kindness, given with complete mindfulness, becomes a meditation and a bridge of great trust, love and peace. I totally heart this!

  7. Very very very nice. Thank you.

  8. This is more than Beautiful!

  9. This is just something to watch. ♥ How wonderful. And yes, it would change the world.

  10. I couldn’t wait for my husband to come back and we watched this video as a family! What a precious thing to see the first few moments of life and the reverence and attentive care for a life. Yes, that is how we should treat all living things. Thank you Meg. My family and I have been inspired by you…Shaz

    • Thank you so much Shaz – I love hearing that.. it has made my day :-). This video has really moved me so much. I also shared it with my family. And everyone I have shown it too has been moved by it – it’s just so profoundly beautiful ♥

  11. Reblogged this on Christian-Buddhist Journey and commented:
    Mindfulness, in Buddhism, comes from the idea of the Eightfold Path to Enlightenment. Right Mindfulness means being aware of our thoughts, words, and deeds. In this video, the nurse is very aware of her every thought, word, and deed as she controls the very life of this newborn baby. Enjoy and my you have right mindfulness throughout your day…

  12. Reblogged this on Where the Indigos Are and commented:
    Absolutely beautiful! I actually watched this video with the sound off and it almost looks like the nurse is “healing” the baby in an energetic sense. Being born can be a traumatic experience for the soul. There’s a reason we can’t usually remember it!

  13. Obviously, this is a great post! You touched all of us with such wise words and wonderful observations. Thank you!

  14. Oh Meg that was so sweet!It’s also the care, love and caress of the nurse for the baby, although she knows that rarely she might see him/her again.Still she fully devotes herself in the 15 minutes she has.It seemed like the baby was dancing along with her to the rhythm of love….She didn’t let the baby cry at all!SHEER DEVOTION!Loved it Meg!Thanx for sharing…

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