Riding out the storm

When strong emotions arise, it can be very distressing.  

Particularly emotions such as grief, fear, anxiety, disappointment, confusion and anger.  

It can be helpful to see these emotions as a storm.  Sometimes these storms last an hour, sometimes they last a day.

The best thing to do is take refuge.  Retreat into yourself until it passes.

We can escape to our breath for safety.

Put all your attention and focus into your belly, just below your belly button.  This place is an energy point known in Chinese medicine as “tan tien” or “dan tian” in Qi Gong terms.

Dan Tian as a reservoir and a place of inner strength and power.

Breathe deeply, and focus on this point, and the rise and fall with each breath.

Here you can be safe while the storm of emotions is blowing.




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10 responses to “Riding out the storm

  1. thank u for sharing. i will keep this in mind

  2. Good ideas…thank you.
    I’ve notice that sometimes, it seems a bit too much for me to really stay with the emotion, or just keep breathing with them…. so I use a gentle reflection through the 6 Perfections (there are 10 in some traditions) to help soothe. I had told another person at that Wed. morning meditation about what I do and she has asked if I have it written down…so I had done that this morning, with links in the correlating Perfection to some of the pages/materials etc that I’ve made and use. (btw…I didn’t realize other people could still get to those from the older site…good news that they are still there!) I nestled the ideas up in the Greenhouse/other tab…. http://pocketperspectives.wordpress.com/other/the-six-perfections-a-kind-and-soothing-meditation/

  3. This is great. I have found conscious breathing to be a trusted ally. It brings me back to myself. Thank you for this very insightful post.

  4. Ride out the storm, and at the same time accept and embrace the emotions.

  5. Brief, simple and so important! Thank you!!!

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