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Today, I have a guest post from a fellow blogger named Megan .  I subscribe to her blog, which is about kindness, generosity, compassion and empathy. Her words are beautiful, truthful, and touching. Please check out her blog at:



I am incredibly grateful to my 6yo son for helping me to see the world around me through fresh eyes.

He helps me to see the magic in everyday moments. 

On the walk to school yesterday we stood enthralled as a car was loaded onto a tow-truck.  We watched impressed as the council worker mowed the footpath with dexterity and grace.  We approached the passionfruit vine on the footpath with a sense of anticipation -checking for ripe passionfruit since we last walked past.

A child sees the world with a sense of wonder and innocence that we tend to lose as we grow older.

For them each…

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