Everyday Wisdom #18

Make your world beautiful

I feel so blessed today to have had a wonderful opportunity to practice mindfulness with my son…..

By picking up rubbish.

My little boy and I walk to school each day, and lately I have noticed how much rubbish lines the footpath along which we walk.

So today I followed through on my intention of picking up the rubbish.

And I tried to make it an enjoyable experience for us both.

It wasn’t done with any anger or judgement – of the people who dropped the rubbish, or their reason for doing so.

Rather it was done with a pure and open heart – out of a genuine wish to look after the world around us.

With each piece of rubbish we collected, I felt a sense of happiness, and centredness.

We did it not just to benefit ourselves, but everyone in the community.  So that they would enjoy a clean environment.


May all beings be happy



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A page created to help spread love and kindness and positivity. Dedicated to making this world a better place, and making a difference in people's lives.

17 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #18

  1. That’s priceless. Think of the wonderful things you are teaching him. He is going to be one mindful adult.
    This post makes me smile. Out of rubbish comes compassion. 🙂 Love to you and your son!

  2. Oh my gosh, Meg–I absolutely adore you for this one. I mean, I adore you anyway, but this post just endeared you to me with blazing colors. What a wonderful model and teacher you are–not just for your handsome, mindful little guy, but for all of those readers of yours out there like me who are being inspired by your kind, compassionate actions. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. How wonderful. There’s a reason I keep coming to read your posts 🙂 because they’re always wonderful.

  4. Words are the property of all, but what distinguishes a man is his deeds. And what the world needs so badly today are those who will just live out their ideals in everyday service. You don’t know how much this post and what you have done by being a living example to your son means to me. Meg, you inspire me to be better in every way. Thank you for being a light. Much love, Shaz

  5. beverleysmith36

    good idea

  6. I love the idea of making the world around us more beautiful. By picking up the rubbish, you not only made “your” world beautiful, but you made everyone else’s world beautiful, and I am sure many people noticed, and perhaps those who throw the rubbish down will be more mindful in the future.

    • Thank you so much Jason :-). I really hope that it has contributed to mindfulness in our society in general. And I’m sure a lot of people did wonder what we were doing, as it’s the main road in our community 🙂

  7. This one’s for you! I watched it this morning and I think what you and your son did today would have made an inspiring music video in my opinion! 😀 Watch this one with him!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qc8ZbVcdHpg&feature=player_embedded

  8. An excellent dose of daily wisdom, especially the part about not doing it with anger or judgment. Thanks so much!

  9. What a great activity for you and your son to share. Thank you for being a consciousness raiser.

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