Everyday Wisdom #17

Contemplate a Koan

In Zen Buddhisn, students are given a koan to contemplate until an answer arrives.

The aim is to confuse the rational mind, and it’s ability to think in it’s normal logical fashion.

The student thinks so profoundly and contemplates so many possible solutions that the mind becomes exhausted, allowing the true answer to emerge from within.

Consider the following koans:


What is the colour of the wind?

In dreams, why don’t we see ourselves at the place where we actually are?

Who is the ear of the ear? How can the tongue taste itself?

What is definite in deep sleep?




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21 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #17

  1. I somehow always am rendered speechless after reading your posts. That is a good sign! May i ask if that is your son? What a sweetheart! Hugs, Shaz

    • Thank you so much Shaz, I am touched by your beautiful comment :-).

      Yes, that is my little boy 🙂

      • Thank you so much Shaz :-). He’s such a beautiful little boy – he makes me laugh each and everyday. Kids are such a blessing ♥

      • Your little man made such an impression on me with his homework which you posted some weeks back 😀 And many times when my own little boy makes me laugh, I immediately think of you and yours! Don’t they say the funniest things at 6 years old??! 😀 We are so blessed to have these young ones in our lives!

      • That is so true – I still laugh when I think of that homework too :-). Especially as it’s so at odds with his beautiful and gentle nature. It just makes it that bit funnier :-). They really do say the most beautiful things. Tonight his Dad came to have dinner, and as he was leaving, he said “Bye beautiful princess Daddy”, as he thought that would be a very nice thing to say lol.

      • Oh what a sweet thing to say…He has a very gentle heart. I think our boys will get on well with each other! I really do! Hug that champion for me.

  2. I must agree with Shaz–what a sweet, wonderful boy!! Does he meditate with you?

  3. That picture is awesome! Love it!, the Koans are sweet as well 🙂

  4. istopforsuffering, I nominated you for two awards. I am still confused on how these work. Apparently WP doesn’t notify people, so I am letting you know. ♥

  5. I am loving this picture in your post. I assume he is your son? So cute!

  6. Son

    The questions of the koans are quite amazing!

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