Everyday Wisdom #13

Rise & Shine

There is an innate wisdom in allowing ourselves to wake naturally each morning.

It’s much better to begin the day by letting your body catch up to sleep-cycle cues that it collects, and letting it tell you when it is ready to wake up.  By coming out of “sleep mode” naturally, you help your body get off to more relaxed and peaceful start to the day.

Tonight don’t set your alarm, and trust yourself to wake naturally in the morning (unless of course you have something important you have to do first thing 🙂 ).

Trust in your inbuilt body wisdom and capabilities to know when you need to wake up.

The key is to get up soon after you first wake up – rather than lying in bed dozing.

This will help you to tune in to your internal body clock.  It will tell you how much sleep you need.

If you find you have overslept, it’s a good opportunity to think about shifting your bedtime to an earlier time.  Or consider what may be happening in your life that is making you feel extra tired.




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4 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #13

  1. I think this is very accurate. Even if I have to be somewhere early in the morning, I wake up on time on my own without an alarm clock. Somehow my mind knows to wake me up. Very good points here.

  2. Good post, I often wake up within 3 minutes of my alarm, it’s fascinating

  3. What to do with people like me, who are sleepy heads???lolzzz….But jokes apart, a very nice and intelligent technique for not pushing our bodies too much by depriving them of the rest they require!

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