Today I’m grateful for…..

The beauty surrounding me:

The new African Voilet I bought yesterday:


Looking out my back door to see my heritage orchard flowering.  This orchard was given to my great grandmother, then passed down to my Grandma, then to my mother, and now finally to me.


And the sheer wonderfulness of a fresh brand new day full of possibilities


Love & blessings to you all ♥


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10 responses to “Today I’m grateful for…..

  1. How remarkable to have a flower that has been passed along…kind of a magical idea and connection!

  2. Can I just hug you? XO

    I adore African Violets, the skill it takes to make them bloom, well, I love the challenge. They are beautiful flowers. I’m so glad you like them and bought one for yourself.

    Ok, I also really love Orchids. That yours has been handed down, how priceless!

    I used to have one called a Chocolate Orchid – my entire living room smelled so heavenly!(

    • Oh, I would love a hug!!!!!! 🙂

      I have always loved African Violets too. I find great comfort in them – because my Mum always grew them, so they remind me of my childhood, and home.

      Okay, I HAVE to get one of those chocolate orchids!!

      They are so divinely beautiful!

      Big hugs to you lovely xxx

  3. Such joy in this post, and love and beauty…
    Hand-me-down plants are the best kind. 🙂

  4. That’s so sweet!An ancestral plant!You are rich in your assets!:)

  5. I love this. My father just took custody of a christmas cactus when my grandmother passed away recently; I don’t remember how old it is exactly but I know it is much older than my father himself. Every family should have a generational plant.

    • Oh I also have a christmas cactus :-). And again it’s special to me because it was given to my by a close family friend of my Mum’s who has since passed away. It’s a piece of her that lives on 🙂

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