Embrace your vitality

There’s something about the word vitality. I love it.

Vitality to me encompasses laughter, energy, determination and enthusiasm.

In fact, in writing this post, I decided to look up the definition in the dictionary, and one meaning for vitality is:

“the capacity for survival or for the continuation of a meaningful or purposeful existence”

That to me sums up my life – a quest for a meaningful existence.

To me, these things contribute to a meaningful existence:

  • Decide to be happy
  • Get up, dress up, and show up
  • Consider your intentions in life.  Live according to those intentions and beliefs
  • Have a purpose, find meaning in what you do
  • Be as kind as possible
  • Have fun
  • Laugh lots, and don’t take life too seriously
  • Always be considerate and respectful of the people around you, and your environment
  • Do what you ought to do, not what you want to do
  • Keep striving to improve yourself
  • Each day do something good for someone else
  • Find beauty in everything

What makes your life meaningful?  

I would love to hear your thoughts.



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11 responses to “Embrace your vitality

  1. I love “Do what you ought to do, not what you want to do”…
    Lovely post as usual.

  2. You pointed out the essence of life – live, grow and develop.Some or all the stages are missing in most of us.Vitality…is vital!Praises……

  3. These are good rules for all of us. I also like to practice mindfulness. In the middle of washing dishes, I’ll stop, take a few deep breaths, and give thanks for the opportunity to have the gift of hot water, soap suds, and a nice soft cloth to wash my dishes with. Doing this reminds me to keep showing up. I do this throughout the day, whenever I think about it.

    • That is such a great one Brenda, thank you. I am such a huge fan of “washing the dishes to wash the dishes”. I do this as much as i can too. Especially with housework. I clean all my floors by hand just to enjoy the experience and practice mindfulness.

  4. I love the discussion about mindfulness – we can live our lives in such high gear that we never truly experience a single moment. I think one of my great lessons this lifetime is learning to be patient and present – I have a loooong way to go.
    My life gets meaning from listening, feeling, inspiring, and encouraging others. It feels pretty great when someone does the same for me too.

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