It will be okay

Sometimes things go wrong, mistakes happen.

As hard as they can sometimes be, mistakes are also great opportunities to learn and to grow.

No matter whether it was a minor hiccup, or a major setback, remember:

  • It will be okay.  Be gentle with yourself – let yourself heal and recover.
  • This too shall pass. Just because today was difficult, doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be magical.
  • Learn from the experience.  What could you have done differently?  What would you do differently if it happened again?  If nothing, how could you change the way that you think about it?
  • Accept that mistakes happen.  You aren’t perfect.
  • You are not your mistakes.  They don’t define you.

Not getting what you want is actually a blessing.

It forces you to re-evaluate things, opening new doors to opportunities and information you would have otherwise overlooked.

Sometimes life falls apart so you can put it back together to make it better than it was before.

And there are always people in the background who care for you deeply and want you to succeed.  Who are sending you love and blessings and support.

So pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and keep forging ahead. 

You have the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and try again.

“Success is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.”  ~ Winston Churchill

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13 responses to “It will be okay

  1. thank you…just in time….a few challenges encountered a bit ago…thank you

    • Thank you! :-). I really wrote this post from my heart. Well I always do :-), but I sincerely mean this one. It will be okay. And there are people that do care (like me). Are you okay?

      • yes…thank you for asking. I’m struggling with reacting to “impermanence”….my 97 year old aunt…who I mention in the “sisters, take my hand” post today, had a stroke a few days ago,and isn’t doing well. I thought my own “practice” was far more steady and moving along than this..but got a bit taken aback with that news…ahhhh, the practice continues…I’m upset with the idea of her dying and people dying…and also upset that I so strongly resist what is guaranteed to happen…but as you write..keep learning.thank you. kathy

      • I am truly so sorry to hear that. No matter how strong our practice is, and how steady we feel, sadly there will always be events that will challenge us, and cause us to have to re-evaluate. I think that’s really one of the most difficult things to accept too – the people around us and that we love dying. And our own deaths as well.

        I really am sorry you are going through such a difficult time. I am sending love and blessings to your Aunt, and you as well.

        Look after yourself, and let me know you are going ♥

      • Hi…I just linked back to this post from the post I made today… about learning to believe that things will turn out alright… an ongoing “lesson” for me… thank you again for your support…kathy

      • Oh thank you so much Kathy, I am touched! :-). How are you? How is your Aunt?

  2. Thank you for your continued uplifting insights and posts. I am glad that you visited my blog and now I was able to find yours as well. You’ve got a new fan, thank you!

  3. @pocket perspectives:Death,sickness, economic burdens all are from the creator.So He has His own ways to make us realize these harsh but true realities of life, he has created time,which is a big healer,it washes away our wounds,and we emerge out much stronger than before,and if not, we gradually develop the self-realization of life and it’s bitterness.Time and life will teach you the vulnerability but importance of life.Life is not the breaths we take, it’s what we do with those breaths.
    I think that human inflicted wounds hurt more, because the people who hurt don’t help in healing.Therefore, we should adhere to sharing pains and doubling joys.We all are tied together by pain and sorrow,we should diminish it, rather than causing it.That is life!I pray for your aunt’s health that she recovers completely and painlessly.

    @istopforsufffering:The positive energy that you share is radiated in every post, your blog is a junction where we find our strengths….Keep going!:)

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    Another great post from istopforsuffering…

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