Wisdom From Alice, Age 108‏

Everything is a present

I feel incredibly grateful to have come across this moving video this morning.

Wisdom from a 108 year old

Alice survived the concentration camps through her music, her optimism and her gratitude for the small things that came her way – a smile, a kind word, the sun.

Her attitude towards life is truly inspiring and humbling.

During her time in the concentration camp, she was determined to not only survive, but thrive.  For the sake of not only herself, but her young son.

Asked if she had any pain during her time there, she said no.  She said, with a smile, she was “always laughing”.  

Her wisdom – “how can a child not laugh if the mother is laughing?”

I am truly humbled.

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15 responses to “Wisdom From Alice, Age 108‏

  1. Wow-I am truly blown away! Thanks for this!!

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  3. I hope you don’t mind, but I just re-posted with a link to your post. This was AMAZING!!

  4. Re-posting on my blog – thank you for sharing!

  5. What a woman. SHE is a present. Thank you so much for sharing this. Unbelievably inspirational. I do think we can all learn something from her. I am humbled, too. Wow!

    • Thank you so much for your comment :-). I am really changed by this video – I still have it sitting in a tab on my browser, and about to watch it again. I keep thinking about it too – the potential to be happy no matter our circumstances.

      • Yes that’s exactly it. Oh, it’s frustrating at times for me, because I so badly want people to realize that this is possible. And the happier you are, no matter what, even if it takes awhile to get there, the more you pull happy into your life! 🙂 I spent months in a homeless shelter. True enough, I don’t think it can be compared to a concentration camp, but it WAS hard, yet I found a way to be happy, take joy in all the quirky things that would happen, and I found a way to learn, grow, understand people better. I am just so glad you posted it.

      • Oh, I had no idea you had been through so much! Are you okay? Are you okay now? It’s no wonder you have so much wisdom, and such a deep heart.

        I had a turning point in my life 6 months ago. I chose to live though, and to dedicate my life to helping others ♥

        I feel very passionately about spreading this message too – from the video. I truly hope that it goes viral and that people are touched by it. And changed by it.

      • Yes, I am fine. In fact better because of it. And watching that video, well, it inspired me to start a little series on what I learned from living in a shelter. It wasn’t bad at all.

        Well that’s just it. You came through. So did I. And honestly I believe that anyone who comes through has such deep appreciation for life that they do feel they must go on to live for inspiring others.


  6. Reblogged this on zen and the art of borderline maintenance and commented:
    Thank you, istopforsuffering, for every inspirational post. Love to you.

  7. “How can a child not laugh if his mother is laughing”… this went so deep. Thank you Meg once again! Shaz

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