Sweater update

I am almost finished knitting a sweater, and would like to give it away to someone who really needs it.  (see this post for more).

So a quick update….

The sleeves have now been completed.

I am now working on the neckline, and then it will be finished!! 😀

Watch out for a post in the next few days asking for nominations.  

I have been giving some thoughts to the “prize” for the winner, and am open to suggestions.  I thought perhaps a “guest blogger” spot on my blog???





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12 responses to “Sweater update

  1. My wife knits too. Love the work. Great job.

  2. How awesome! I knit (although fairly poorly), and know how many hours you must have dedicated to this lovely sweater. The stitching looks great!

    • Thank you so much lovely :-). I’ve really enjoyed it – and today I FINISHED IT! :-). So very excited. Can’t wait to give it to someone. What do you knit? I would love to hear more about it ♥

      • Mostly scarves and hats. Sweaters seem to be beyond my patience and skill. Perhaps that’s why I should try, haha! Love what you are doing with the donation. ❤

      • I will let you in on a secret…. it’s taken me 10 years to make this sweater lol. I started it, got all the pieces done, but then didn’t know how to sew it together *blush*. Since moving into my beautiful new cottage I’ve made friends with a neighbour who loves to knit (and sew!), so she has helped me finish it off. 🙂 ♥

  3. That’s really neat that you’re doing that. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and selflessness. XO

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