A dog named Bandit

I have a very deep love of all animals and living creatures.  I always have – there’s something about the bond between humans and animals that is incredibly profound.

Animals often do have faith and loyalty that far surpasses anything in the human realm.  They are incredibly pure of heart.

This dog though is something special.

It truly has the most beautiful soul.

And I owe it a debt of gratitude – it has helped me to strengthen my loving kindness practice.  

It’s not my dog – but the dog of a friend of a friend.  The first time I met it, I felt an instant connection.  And this dog took to me immediately as well.  

There is something about the connection you can form with animals that beyond explanation using mere words.

I honestly feel like I can communicate with them without words.  By looking into their eyes with empathy and compassion and loving kindness.

And I know they can feel the love that I am sending towards them.

I can literally feel my heart opening when I spend time with animals – I become so fully present.  It’s so incredibly pure – the genuine wish for the animals to know that they are loved, and to be free of suffering.

This dog has not had an easy life – it was on doggy death row – and no one wanted to take it on.  It was also beaten as a puppy, and still has the emotional scars.


I was prepared to move heaven and earth to find this beautiful creature a home.  

Thankfully it now has a wonderful forever home.  And even better, I still get to have hugs and visits 🙂




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11 responses to “A dog named Bandit

  1. What a beautiful dog. I so understand your statement about how being in the presence of a dog somehow brings about a healing within ourselves. Hugs and hope you are well my dear Meg! Shaz

  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Shaz ♥. Hope you are well too – big hugs to you lovely.

  3. Sue

    Bandit is beautiful :o) So glad he has a nice home. Over the years, we have had 5 dogs and 6 cats. All of them were special and all but 2 were waifs and strays.

  4. Beautiful dog. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing…

  5. This is such a fantastic post 🙂

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