Everyday Wisdom #3

Silence is golden

Try to spend at least 30 minutes per day in complete silence.

Shut the door.  Turn off all forms of electronic equipment – TV, phone, iPod, iPad, music.  Avoid conversation where possible.

Simply either sit, or engage in quiet household tasks – for example cooking, sweeping, washing.

At first when practising this technique, you will notice that your internal chatter is very loud.  Your mind will be very busy.  However after a few weeks of practising it will begin to calm down, and you will start to notice a great sense of peace, calm and happiness.

By spending time in silence it helps to make us more wise – more honest, deep-thinking, mindful, and attentive to the world around us.

“In silence, we can hear our soul speak”



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13 responses to “Everyday Wisdom #3

  1. Sounds like a good idea. My only problem is getting my inner voice to shut the “F” up. I will turn off everything from time to time, but my mind starts racing with a thousand thoughts all crashing into one another. At times, things are moving so fast that is is difficult, at best, to grasp at any single thought long enough to actually recognize the significance of it.

    • The chatter of the mind is a fascinating phenomenon. Looked at in a different light, the chatter in one’s mind just is, and it can become a powerful tool for changing the mind’s habits. If, instead of becoming annoyed at it and believing it is an impediment to meditation, one allows it to just be, one can become more aware of the nature of one’s mind. notice it, smile at it, and enjoy noticing it as it begins, becomes, wanes, and silences. Smiling at the chatter in your mind without judgment can really help!! Thanks for a great suggestion, istop…!!

  2. I always need to be reminded of the idea of noble silence… Thank you. 🙂

  3. Ahhh silence of the mind, great post!

  4. Yes, it is LOUD at first. But then it does quiet down and becomes delicious. It’s how I got to know myself. 🙂 Nice post. Thank you.

  5. 🙂 XO Thank YOU. That was a nice compliment.

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