One blue jumper (sweater) – made with love ♥

I am almost finished knitting a sweater, and would like to give it away to someone who really needs it.

So in the coming weeks I will be posting a blog entry asking for nominations for a worthy cause, or person, to receive the sweater.

Start thinking everyone ♥





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11 responses to “One blue jumper (sweater) – made with love ♥

  1. It’s simply beautiful. Excellent work. You must be British. You know we Yanks don’t call them jumpers.

    • Oh, I didn’t think of that :-). No actually, I’m Aussie :-). Do you call them pullovers? Thanks for your comment x

      • It’s a sweater.

        Sweaters are always knitted. A pullover is a less common term and could be made of fabric. What we call a jumper is a dress, virtually always worn with a shirt underneath, and (truly) associate with little girls dresses. (Though the google link with pictures I am sending all show them being worn by women.)

        I love the color of the sweater/jumper you made. 🙂

    • Thank you so much Kathleen – that is fascinating!! 🙂

      And thank you for your comment.

      I have adjusted my post to include both 🙂 x

  2. lifeandlove27

    WOW, that is looking awesome. I cant believe you have made that… and such a thoughful idea. I hope you get lots of nominations! x

  3. What a wonderful thing to do!!! What size is the jumper?
    The colour is gorgeous too!
    {{{HUGS}} to you, beautiful soul xx

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  5. Absolutely beautiful. The blue you’ve chosen is gorgeous. Your work is really good! I am so not a knitter and really appreciate it when I see something done so well. Whoever wears this little number is going to feel your love! Lisa

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