Facing anger: practise compassion, patience and self-confidence
Facing attachment: look at the disadvantages and temporariness
Facing uncertainty: forgive yourself for being human
Facing fear: practise relaxation and mentally give away whatever is threatened to be taken
Facing greed: practise gratitude for what you have
Facing jealousy: practise rejoicing in others’ fortune
Facing pride: practise humility, equanimity and real self-confidence
Facing guilt: act instead of regret
Facing other’s pain: gather some courage and allow it to tear your heart open! Have compassion for their suffering and frustrations. Also have compassion for your own helplessness & frustrations.
Facing others’ cruelty or rudeness: remember they can only act that way because they suffer themselves.
Facing any negative emotion by myself or others: the quicker I can recognise my own negative emotional patterns, the better I will be able to avoid these actions myself

Courtesy of  Chung Tian Buddhist Temple



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6 responses to “Facing

  1. oh so lovely! I’m going to print this out and give it to some of my clients at work. Thank you for this post!

  2. Yamyah

    wonderful, wonderful advice! thank you xx

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