Not for me thanks, I’m a Buddhist

For me, avoiding alcohol was not a conscious decision that I made one day.

It was born of many factors.  But principally, I just never enjoyed it, not the taste, and definitely not the effects.

I like the feeling of being calm and clear-headed.  And clarity and alcohol do not generally go together.

I also don’t like the feeling of losing touch with myself, and my sense of ethics.

It’s challenging though, in this society, to abstain from drinking.  Especially as a 30 something female.  Although I think the pressure to drink is not limited to age or to gender.

At times in the past I have given in to that pressure.

However these days I am comfortable to calmly and firmly state my decision when it comes to drinking.

I should add that I do not take a moral – or buddhist – standpoint on others drinking.  But for me it just doesn’t work.

I am passionate about developing my practice, and insight and mindfulness, and alcohol does not assist me in that desire.

I am proud to follow the 5 precepts, out of compassion and care for myself and the world around me ♥


By refraining from taking intoxicants, we can more easily cultivate awareness, attention and clarity of mind

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12 responses to “Not for me thanks, I’m a Buddhist

  1. Clarity has its own gifts – I for one think it worth the price of non-conformity.

  2. I agree- it is challenging. I don’t drink either, for reasons similar to those you expressed. I’ve noticed that it often makes other people uncomfortable when I say, “no thanks-I don’t drink alcohol.” I’ve also noticed that they often offer up something like, “I shouldn’t drink so much either.” Or, something sarcastic–which signals to me that they might be a little uncomfortable with their own choices. In the discomfort with my decision, how they feel about their own choices are sometimes mirrored. Thanks for an honest and interesting post!

  3. Son

    Thanks so much for this post. All my life I had trouble at parties for people to understand why I don’t drink, or at the very most only drink two drinks. I have no problem with people who uses alcohol, but I do have one with people who ABUSES alcohol. I personally don’t drink, because it makes me feel unwell. In the normal social circles, most people do not understand that I can actually enjoy a party just as much as any intoxicated person 🙂

  4. Sue

    The older you get, the easier it becomes. When I was young, there was a fair bit of peer group pressure to drink alcohol. Gradually that tapered off and now that I am a senior, there are no problems when I ask for mineral water or ginger ale.

    • Thanks so much your comment Sue :-). I’m so glad to hear that it does get easier, although I must admit that I don’t let it get to me anymore. I’ve made my decision, and I’m comfortable with that. Gingerale it is! (my favourite drink! 🙂 ). ♥

  5. Taking [and sticking to] the five precepts has been of amazing benefit to myself and my family, so you are not alone, friend.

  6. Thank you so much Hickersonia – I love knowing there are like minded people (friends) around me.

  7. Yeah… I am also follow five precepts… you are not alone! cheers!

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