I work for free

Or at least partly for free.  I have 6 different jobs – only 2 of them paid.

However this post is not about me.

I feel privileged and humbled to have had the good fortune to stumble across this article:

3 Little Monks and a Moment of Truth

This astonishing young man is a talented photographer, and has recently gone “gift economy”.

According to the article, “Gift economy means a system in which people do not charge for their services, but rather offer them up in the unconditional spirit of a gift, inviting recipients to “pay-forward” what they wish from their heart.”

After a life-changing and near death experience, Ankur decided to review his life, and came to the decision to:

  • surrender to the universe
  • learn and be open to learning
  • give
  • create my life
  • forgive
  • be honest, happy, generous, kind, compassionate
  • live gift economy
  • confront myself
  • take big risks
  • meditate

Reading this article has made me question my life deeply.

What a brave and inspirational decision to go “gift economy”.

We could all learn so much from this young man.

Totally and completely inspired and blown away ♥

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